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The administrative head of Kentucky’s judiciary system took the oath of office Thursday for a fourth four-year term via the video conferencing service Zoom. 

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Correction: This story has been corrected to reflect new information provided by Julie Tennyson. A previous version of this story incorrectly stated Tennyson would serve on the first female majority panel of the Kentucky Supreme Court.

Paducah attorney Julie Tennyson will serve as a special justice of the Kentucky Supreme Court to review a case as part of at least the second majority female panel.

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The Kentucky Supreme Court plans to hear oral arguments remotely this week for the first time.

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The long-awaited trial for the Marshall County High School shooter will likely be delayed further than June of this year. Due to the limitations created by the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, all parties involved are concerned about a number of issues, including putting together a jury.


FRANKFORT — The Kentucky Supreme Court issued a new order closing judicial facilities to in-person services and postponing eviction filings.

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  The Kentucky Supreme Court issued a set of orders temporarily changing visitation/custodial arrangements for children in the commonwealth, in light of the “COVID-19 emergency.”

  Thousands of inmates held in county jails have been released since the Kentucky Supreme Court Chief Justice issued an order last week effectively closing the courts, according to data provided by the Kentucky Department of Public Advocacy.

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A lawyer who served the longest period of time as a county attorney in Kentucky history will now hear cases on the state Supreme Court. 

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A federal district judge heard arguments Tuesday in a case brought by several Kentucky Board of Education members ousted by Gov. Andy Beshear.

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The Kentucky Board of Education has forced out Education Commissioner Wayne Lewis as part of an overhaul in the administration of newly inaugurated Gov. Andy Beshear.