Rupp Arena is named for Adoph Rupp, the famous University of Kentucky basketball coach whose sustained success in the mid-20th century turned the program into the powerhouse it remains today. The arena has borne Rupp's name since it opened in 1976, just a few years after his retirement.

But now at U.K., a list of demands from the school's African-American and Africana Studies faculty has brought new life to an old debate about the name of the school's basketball arena.


Kentucky Homeless Services Systems Can’t Handle The Coming “Tsunami of Evictions,” Advocates Warn

Nearly 1 million renter households across the Ohio Valley are unable to pay rent and at risk of eviction, according to research firm Stout. That amounts to 42 percent of renter households in Kentucky, 46 percent in Ohio and 47 percent in West Virginia.

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The Lexington community experienced 22 homicides during 2018.  Six of the murders were committed in February alone.  There were two homicides in Lexington over the last five months of last year. 

In less than three weeks, Lexington Mayor Jim Gray will return to private life, after more than a decade serving in urban-county government. The 65-year-old Glasgow native is completing his second term as mayor.  

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Officials in Kentucky say a student cleared by a hand-held metal detector brought a loaded handgun to school in his backpack.

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A $2 million federal grant is coming to Lexington to help battle the opioid problem in the central Kentucky community.

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Tuesday Afternoon Update:

The University of Kentucky has suspended a student and the fraternity he pledged after the death of a 4-year-old boy hit by the student's car.

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The first of 12 interpretive signs detailing parts of the African American experience in Lexington was unveiled Thursday. It’s the undertaking of a number of private entities.

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Fire damaged a popular downtown Lexington nightspot Friday morning.


A congressional field hearing in Lexington Thursday included discussion on issues related to opioid recovery and transitional housing.  Testimony on opioid use for pain management was also presented.