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Mike Harmon

  In a new report, Kentucky’s Auditor of Public Accounts says a systemic issue in the Motor Vehicle Registration System could lead to additional fraud. The report from Auditor Mike Harmon shows a lack of controls in the Automated Vehicle Information System allows anyone with access to alter social security numbers.

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A report by Kentucky Auditor Mike Harmon shows the pension system for teachers is on more solid ground.

Mike Harmon

The Associated Press has called the race for Kentucky Auditor for Republican incumbent Mike Harmon. He has defeated Democratic challenger Sheri Donahue to remain as Kentucky’s Auditor of Public Accounts.

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State Auditor Mike Harmon says Kentucky’s pension agencies aren’t properly disclosing how they invest their money and how much they pay investment managers.

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Kentucky’s auditor said Crittenden County needs to address weak internal controls over debt, disbursements and payroll found in a state audit released Monday.


The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources has hired an insider as its new agency chief. That move comes after a critical state auditor’s report that uncovered numerous violations of how the agency handled public money, in violation of many state and federal laws.

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A state audit says the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources has violated state and federal laws and misspent taxpayer dollars for years.

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The agency that runs Kentucky’s court system has “disorganized and unchecked leadership” and “pervasive lack of accountability” according to a special examination released by state Auditor Mike Harmon.

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Kentucky paid more than $200,000 for a new Statewide 911 plan that doesn't exist.


  Kentucky's auditor said a review of the state's fire commission has turned up questionable expenditures from a fund meant to support fire departments.