Ohio River

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  The multi-state commission overseeing water quality along the Ohio River has adopted voluntary pollution control standards nearly a year after member states considered a plan to abandon the standards entirely.

The plan will keep pollution control standards in place, but gives states more flexibility to implement their own water quality programs while ensuring standards are equally protective.

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Last month, President Trump signed into law the Natural Resources Management Act, a public lands bill that reauthorized a little-known, but important program -- the Land and Water Conservation Fund. Millions of dollars from the LWCF have been spent across the Ohio Valley. Reauthorization of this program is rare bipartisan win, and some of the bill’s provisions will make long-awaited public lands projects in the region a reality. 

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Ashes from the coal burned to fuel America’s appetite for energy are buried in unlined pits and landfills scattered across the country.

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Metropolis has seen many flood events over the years and takes steps to keep everyone safe. They check the water level and roads daily for increasing levels. When you live close to a river you know at some point the river will get up to your backyard. The city of Metropolis knows this all too well.

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  Emergency Management officials in west Kentucky and southern Illinois along the Ohio River say severe flooding is finally under control. But the National Weather Service says water levels from Paducah to Cairo, Illinois, will remain at a “major” flood stage for at least another week.


EMA officials said that might close roads down and cut people off in low-lying, rural areas. Livingston County EMA Director Brent Stringer said even though the worst of flooding is past, people should reach out if they need any help.


City of Paducah Kentucky Government via Facebook

Paducah city officials are installing four additional floodgates today after the National Weather Service increased the Ohio River’s predicted crest.

City of Paducah Kentucky Government via Facebook

The City of Paducah is installing floodgates today as the Ohio River rises.

Ohio River Compact Considers Vote to Eliminate Pollution Standards

Feb 13, 2019
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A multi-state commission charged with ensuring water quality in the Ohio River will consider whether to eliminate its pollution control standards at its meeting on February 14. Thousands of people have expressed opposition during a public comment period, while others argue that the regulations are redundant and have no teeth.

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After nearly 30 years of work, the Army Corps of Engineers will partially open a new locks-and-dam system Thursday on the Ohio River between Kentucky and Illinois. Ships and barges will be able to start using the Olmsted Locks and Dam in October.

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U.S. Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao announced Thursday the opening of a new federal Maritime office in Paducah.