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The Kentucky Supreme Court has ruled that a nonprofit mental health provider can't use bankruptcy to escape its financial obligations to the state pension system.

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Kentucky’s ailing pension funds might finally start getting healthier, according to estimates provided to lawmakers on Monday.

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Gov. Matt Bevin’s administration says 1,074 Kentucky teachers broke the law by calling in sick to protest at the state legislature this year and that the educators are eligible to be fined $1,000 each for every day missed.

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Administrators of a Kentucky retirement system for teachers are developing a request for more funding in the state’s next biennial budget.

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Governor Matt Bevin signed last week a pension relief bill for regional universities and quasi-state agencies, following a special legislative session. On Sounds Good, Matt Markgraf sat down with Murray State President Bob Jackson to unpack what this new law means for the university and the next steps over the months ahead.

Watch: President Bob Jackson testified before the Senate State and Local Government Committee prior to the bill's passage.

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A pension buyout program offered to members in the Illinois' three largest retirement systems has fallen considerably short of anticipated savings in its first year, according to a report.

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Gov. Matt Bevin has signed a bill into law that allows Kentucky’s regional universities and “quasi” state agencies to avoid a massive spike in pension costs in exchange for exiting the state’s ailing pension systems.

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The Kentucky Senate has passed a proposal that would provide relief from surging pension costs for regional universities and 118 “quasi” state agencies like local health departments, rape crisis centers and domestic violence shelters.

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Kentucky has been funding health benefits for retired teachers for decades. But this year for the first time, that payment was dependent on a budget surplus. This move — to cut the health insurance funding from the state’s biennial budget and instead pay it only in the event the state made unexpected revenue — has been described as a necessity by legislators, and a risky move by the retirees depending on the benefits.

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Gov. Matt Bevin’s proposal to allow regional state agencies and other state agencies to buy out of Kentucky’s struggling pension system has passed a legislative panel.