President Donald Trump

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President Donald Trump's vow to save the coal industry will be tested this week — and so will the impact of his recent comments favoring a particular power plant — when a utility board he appoints weighs whether to close the coal-fired Kentucky plant whose suppliers include a mine owned by one of his campaign donors.

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A Tennessee man who was one of the first inmates to be released under a new federal sentencing reform law is officially a free man.

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A Tennessee man will be one of the first prisoners to be released under a criminal justice reform law recently signed by President Donald Trump.

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U.S. Senator Rand Paul said he’s open to the idea of a compromise over President Trump’s demand for more than $5 billion for his promised wall along the Mexican border.


Republican U.S. Rep. Andy Barr says he does not support President Donald Trump's proposal to end citizenship for children born in the United States to non-citizen parents.

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Preparations for a presidential visit are in full gear in Richmond.  President Donald Trump is scheduled to headline a political rally Saturday night in Eastern Kentucky University’s Alumni Coliseum. 

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Varying opinions are being expressed by Eastern Kentucky University students regarding President Trump’s political rally this weekend.

As people are registering for tickets and otherwise preparing for President Donald Trump’s upcoming rally at Eastern Kentucky University, others are both airing concerns and urging unity. 


Kentucky Senator Rand Paul says the White House needs to use a lie detector test to find out who wrote an anonymous op-ed published in the New York Times this week.


President Trump is promising a “big night” in Evansville as he prepares for what’s expected to be a standing-room-only crowd of 11,000 people.