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Amid last year’s fight over net-metering legislation, a lobbyist working on behalf of utilities asked the regulatory agency that oversees utilities to weigh-in with a letter to lawmakers.

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Tennesseans could be banned from filing public records requests for one year under a new bill that would allow courts to punish people for making too many inquiries deemed as harassment.

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State Senator Danny Carroll is pulling controversial legislation that opponents criticize will restrict public records access in Kentucky, and plans to replace it with a revised version.

Republican State Senator Danny Carroll of Paducah proposed legislation in mid-December that would hold public records custodians personally liable and open to fines if private information is released in records. The bill would also force records requesters to pay potential lawsuit fines if a request is found to be “frivolous.”

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Records custodians across Tennessee would be left to decide several contentious open government issues under a proposed policy now open for public review and comment.