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School choice is a big buzzword in education policy, and in many parts of the country, opinions on it usually run along party lines. Republicans tend to be for school choice, and Democrats against — however, that’s not the case among all of Kentucky’s candidates for governor.

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The Trump administration's top education official on Wednesday urged school choice supporters in Kentucky — a coalition that includes the state's Republican governor — to "keep fighting" for initiatives aimed at giving students more flexibility to find their right fit.

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Top Republicans say Gov. Bill Lee will soon unveil a proposal geared toward boosting school choice in Tennessee.

A top official in Texas has been tapped to lead Tennessee's Department of Education.

Gov.-elect Bill Lee announced today that Penny Schwinn, the chief deputy commissioner of academics for the Texas Education Agency, will be the state's next education commissioner.

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Hundreds of students, the majority from private schools, rallied at the capitol Thursday as part of National School Choice Week.  Kentucky lawmakers could take up legislation to support expanding opportunities for students to attend private schools. 

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Kentucky is one of seven states in the U.S. that doesn’t allow charter schools. But the General Assembly is likely to soon approve a bill that would make the organizations a reality in the Bluegrass. Lawmakers will return next week to consider the measure. In the meantime, Louisville Public Media is taking a look at the issue from all sides this week. In our first installment we ask: What are charter schools, and are they effective?

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 Advocates for school choice gather in Frankfort on Friday for a ‘National School Choice Week’ rally. According to the National School Choice Week website, schools and advocacy groups are seeking to promote alternative options to public school systems, like charter and private schools.