S.G. Goodman

Hood to the Holler

Western Kentucky native and Sounds Good veteran S.G. Goodman (Shaina Goodman of the former Savage Radley) has partnered with Kentucky state representative Charles Booker to present Which Side Are You On?: Voices for Kentucky and Beyond Virtual Music Festival. The online livestream features a lineup of Kentucky and non-Kentucky musicians alike and will focus on voter registration ahead of the November election. Goodman speaks with Tracy Ross about the upcoming festival.

"I feel like we kind of manifested this."

That's Becca Mancari's playful, pop-psychology-informed proclamation to her music-making peer and fellow interviewee S.G. Goodman, near the end of our three-way Zoom session. Mancari is referring to the sense of kinship the two singer-songwriters have shared ever since a six-month period several years back, when they were both based in Nashville. Of course, we at World Cafe were unaware that they had a track record of comparing outlooks, talking shop and even, on one occasion, sharing the use of a tour van.

S.G. Goodman

S.G. Goodman (former front-person of The Savage Radley, winners of the 2016 Battle of the Bands and Live Lunch regulars) will join Tracy Ross in the studio this Friday, July 17th, to celebrate the release of her latest album, Old Time Feeling.