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The next two films presented by MSU Cinema International explore themes of religiosity, war and peace, and how humanity falls in line with the two. Dr. David Pizzo and Dr. Christine Lindner visit Sounds Good to discuss the upcoming films and discussions. 

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As the internet continues to gain significance in our daily lives, the greater the threat of falling victim to cyber crime becomes. To better inform the public about cyber security and identity theft, Wells Fargo Advisors have invited a former FBI agent to give a presentation at Walker Hall in Paducah. 

Barely Blue On Live Lunch, Sept. 14

Sep 7, 2018
Barely Blue FB

Tune in next Friday, September 14, for a special Live Lunch performance from Murray's, Barely Blue.

The tasteful, 3-piece, blends classic rock, soul and blues influences, for a high energy and entertaining live show. The band's leader, Gregory "Cookie" Simpson, will amaze with his unique and skillful guitar playing that makes one think of guitar greats like Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan.

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The first day of school can conjure up nervous butterflies in many people. Whether you're 12 or 22, the beginning of a new school year holds uncertainty that can make even the most level-headed students anxious. Dr. Michael Bordieri visits Sounds Good to discuss this back to school anxiety, and how one can deal with their own school related jitters. 

Playhouse in the Park /

Murray's community theatre company, Playhouse in the Park, is presenting the colonial and revolutionary musical, 1776 - The Musical, from August 23rd to September 2nd. Executive director of Playhouse, Lisa Cope, and MSU vocal professor and cast member, Dr. Chris Mitchell, visited Sounds Good to discuss the show.

Starting in 1990, the Kenlake Hot August Blues Festival has quickly become a beloved pre-Labor Day tradition for the Kentucky and Tennessee area. Mid-South native and musician, Lew Jetton, visited Sounds Good to discuss the upcoming festival.

Olichel /

"Gamification" is defined as the application of typical video game elements (reward systems, point gathering, etc.) to other life activities. Dr. Michael Bordieri visits Sounds Good to discuss how video games are being used to incentivize eating fruits and vegetables to reluctant young people. 

Geralt /

Social media has transformed in the last twenty years from a personal networking platform to an extension of many businesses, ranging from small companies to international corporations. As more professional institutions incorporate social media in their business strategies, the question of how to regulate social media usage becomes increasingly important. MSU professor, Dr. Kevin Qualls, visits Sounds Good to discuss his new course over this trend, "Media Law Essentials for Business Leaders."

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Unwrapping a new, coveted gaming console -- an Atari, N64, XBox -- on Christmas morning is a fond memory for many people. With hundreds of thousands of video games and just as much variety in their genres, it is unsurprising that video games have been able to successfully cater to so many different individuals. Dr. Michael Bordieri visits Sounds Good to discuss these games and the potential for video game addiction, or gaming disorder.

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According to a study posted on Brescia University's website, dreams are defined as a series of thoughts, visions or feelings, and arise several times per night during an average sleep cycle. Dr. Michael Bordieri, psychology professor at Murray State University, visits Sounds Good to discuss the psychology of dreams with Tracy Ross.