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Sounds Good celebrates Independence Day on Friday, July 3rd, with two one-hour specials celebrating the American spirit through music.

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The Land Between the Lakes area stretches across 170,000 acres of western Kentucky and Tennessee, providing opportunities for hiking, camping, boating, wildlife viewing, and more. Lead naturalist at the Woodlands Nature Station, John Pollpeter, speaks with Tracy Ross about the growing paddling trend at Land Between the Lakes. 

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This summer, Paducah's National Quilt Museum will feature a new exhibit, "OURstory: Human Rights Stories in Fabric." Susanne Miller Jones, curator of the exhibit, speaks with Tracy Ross about the featured works and the civil rights movements throughout history they commemorate. 

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Paducah, Kentucky's annual Lowertown Arts and Music Festival was originally supposed to be held in early May, but the pandemic forced the organizers to cancel. The Yeiser Art Center and Lowertown festival committee have tentatively rescheduled for October. Seth Murphy, LTAMF music director, speaks with Tracy Ross about what the festival might look like in a new, socially distanced world.

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As social distancing guidelines continue into the summer months, summer camps are being forced to find new ways to adapt their traditional format. Lisa Cope, executive director of Murray's Playhouse in the Park, speaks with Tracy Ross about Playhouse's upcoming summer camp program and the process of transitioning to an online format for the first time.

Before there was Land Between the Lakes, there was Between the Rivers. Starting this Thursday, WKMS will revisit a documentary series about the cluster of small communities nestled between the Tennessee and Cumberland Rivers prior to the creation of the national recreational area.

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This Monday, Sounds Good honors the men and women of the U.S. military with two one-hour Memorial Day specials by The Washington Post and BYUradio of Provo, Utah's Brigham Young University. 

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Tracy Ross and four regional health experts take a closer look at what it means to maintain physical, mental, and emotional health amidst the coronavirus pandemic in a new Sounds Good special.

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As businesses everywhere continue to shut down in an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19, many small business owners are left to wonder how they might survive this period of quarantine. Murray State professor of economics, finance, and banking, Dr. Chris Wooldridge, speaks with Tracy Ross over the phone to discuss possible plans of action and available assistance from the Small Business Association.


There have been four confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Kentucky, leaving many people concerned about the severity of the coronavirus threat and what they should do to protect themselves. Murray State professor of psychology, Dr. Michael Bordieri, visits Sounds Good to discuss basic tips for immunity-boosting and anxiety-relieving.