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  Black Lives Matter protests have sparked conversations nationwide about the role of race in policing. Now, the Tennessee Supreme Court is taking those conversations one step further — to what happens after someone has already been arrested.

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The Tennessee Supreme Court is hearing oral arguments over whether to keep absentee voting open to all eligible voters for the November election due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

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An attorney says her team has lost “critical time” in representing a Tennessee death row inmate slated for execution in June due to the new coronavirus and restrictions in place to curb its spread.

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A Tennessee state lawmaker from Paris wants to change the way the state’s attorney general ascends to the office. 

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Tennessee's attorney general has asked the state Supreme Court to set nine execution dates in a move that bucks the national trend of shying away from using capital punishment.

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Tennessee is removing one state court's review before executing inmates under legislation signed by Republican Gov. Bill Lee.

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Applicants for the uniform bar exam who might not be able to take it in Washington, D.C., because of the shutdown can apply to take it in Nashville instead.

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Updated 1:55 p.m. A federal appeals court ruling against a Tennessee death row inmate removes one of the only obstacles that could have prevented his Thursday execution in the electric chair.

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An attorney for Tennessee death row inmate Edmund Zagorski says his choice of death by electrocution over lethal injection is not a ploy to buy time.

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Tennessee's Supreme Court took up the question Thursday of whether a reporter can be sued for defamation when reporting fairly and accurately on a public proceeding.