Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency

Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency via Facebook

Tennessee's Wildlife Resources Agency says it will be holding three online events in July to hear from anglers about fishing in the state. 

Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency

Officials say crews have found the body of a man who went missing after a boating accident in Tennessee.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources is organizing a “Carp Blitz” next month to shed some light on the growing population of invasive Asian carp in Kentucky and Barkley lakes.

Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, via Facebook

The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency is adding confirmed cougar sightings to a new online map. The TWRA Cougar Action Team, or C-A-T, is an in-house committee working to organize evidence submitted by the public and developing a policy for dealing with this subspecies of cougar, which is not native to Tennessee. 

The first confirmed sighting in more than 100 years was in Obion County last September

Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, via Facebook

A trail camera photo submitted to the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency appears to show a mountain lion in Obion County, Tennessee.

The photo, released on the TWRA's Facebook page, was taken on September 20. (It is incorrectly time-stamped, according to the TWRA.) Photographic experts are currently analyzing the picture.

Kenneth Dwain Harrelson, Wikimedia Commons

The monarch butterfly, recognized by its beautiful orange hue, may not be a common sight in coming years. In response to the decimation of the species, the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA) is partnering with other non-profit organizations to launch a campaign to save monarch butterflies.


The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency is moving ahead with a project that will restore Carroll Lake to previous depths, making fishing possible again.

The 100-acre lake, located between Huntingdon and McKenzie, has been unable to hold water after its floodgates were irreparably damaged by heavy rains last spring.


The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency is offering grants to assist with riparian tree planting projects.

Five grants of $500 each are available in each of TWRA's four regions.

Seedlings must be bought through the Department of Agriculture or Division of Forestry.

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Wildlife biologists say a fungal disease that affects snakes has spread to Tennessee. The affliction can interfere with a snake's vision and, in some cases, deform a snake's head, making it difficult for it to feed.

WPLN radio reported the fungus has been found in Tennessee only on timber rattlesnakes.

The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency is releasing more than 90,000 rainbow trout in Middle and West Tennessee. The stocking continues through March and will provide many close-to-home trout fishing opportunities for anglers.