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Several phone lines for emergency response agencies are down this afternoon. AT&T confirmed the outages affecting customers, including emergency response agencies, are linked to the explosion in downtown Nashville earlier today. 

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A recreational vehicle parked on Nashville’s historic Second Avenue this morning gave an audio warning for people to evacuate before it exploded, injuring three, destroying the facades and streetscape of the tourist area and damaging a phone service transmission facility.

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A McCracken County woman thought because she’s young and healthy, if she caught coronavirus, she would heal quickly and move on. After contracting it and suffering a myriad of symptoms for nearly three weeks straight, she said going out to eat isn’t worth the risk.

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More than a dozen minority employees of Nashville’s police department tell WPLN News they feel they’ve faced unequal treatment, and in at least one recent case, the Metro Civil Service Commission has agreed.

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  This story is part of the series “Surging in Silence” by WPLN News contributor Natasha Senjanovic and is produced in partnership with the Pulitzer Center. It examines the effects of domestic and sexual violence in the pandemic in Memphis and Nashville.

Tracking intimate partner violence in Nashville is never easy. In the pandemic, it’s even harder to know just how dangerous conditions are behind closed doors.

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Tennessee women’s rights groups are challenging a state law they say will interfere with the decision-making process for pregnant people undergoing drug-induced abortions.

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The federal-state economic development partnership Delta Regional Authority is awarding $256,580 in grants to two western Kentucky workforce programs, which economic development leaders tout will build on the region’s economy.

Hospitals in much of the country are trying to cope with unprecedented numbers of COVID-19 patients. As of Sunday, 93,238 were hospitalized, an alarming record that far exceeds the two previous peaks in April and July, of just under 60,000 inpatients.

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Tennessee’s health chief said Tuesday that the state is expecting to receive its first doses of a COVID-19 vaccine around Dec. 15.


Tennessee has outsourced most of its contact tracing to a medical billing company with no experience in epidemiology. And despite spending tens of millions of dollars on the effort, the state has published very little evidence to show how the company is doing.