Black Lives Matter movements and demonstrations in opposition to systemic racism swept across the nation most of this year, and the small town of Murray, Kentucky joined in the conversation. Multiple protests centered around the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement, but also a Confederate monument which still stands in a prominent location in the downtown court square. As a result of the demonstrations, two locals face charges: Linda Arakelyan, a woman who’s charged with false reporting, and David Frymire, a man who’s charged with spraying protesters with mace. Both appeared in court this week.

Adèle Goodman Clark Papers, Special Collections and Archives, VCU Libraries. (CC0.1) / commons.wikimedia.org

West Kentucky's local chapter of the National Organization of Women (NOW) presents two new programs aimed to engage and educate the community and encourage difficult but meaningful conversations. Catie Bates-Robertson and Debi Henry-Danielson, president and vice president of West KY NOW, respectively, speak with Tracy Ross about their upcoming discussion series and youth contest.