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University of Kentucky Extension Plant Pathologist Carl Bradley says now is a good time for farmers to inspect their grain crops for a disease that impacts quality and yield.

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  An over-abundance of wheat produced last year has market values almost half of what they were in 2013. To reflect on the 2016 crop, Kentucky wheat growers and specialists from across the Commonwealth are gathering Thursday in Hopkinsville for the 2017 Winter Wheat Meeting.


  The U.S. Wheat market is struggling to compete internationally against countries with cheaper production rates and currency compared to a strong  U.S. dollar. Specialists associated with the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture, Food and Environment offered advice at their  annual Wheat Field Day in Princeton, Tuesday morning.

The sun hasn't been up long in Kingfisher, Okla., but it already feels like it's burning. Trucks are moving wheat as people try to get their work done early. It looks like business as usual for a hot summer day an hour northwest of Oklahoma City.

Henry Senn, Jim Willms and Bill Stolz come to CHS Plains Partners, the local grain elevator, just about every day to share stories from the good old days and talk about wheat prices.

Doctors Say Changes In Wheat Do Not Explain Rise Of Celiac Disease

Sep 26, 2013

Wheat has been getting a bad rap lately.

Many folks are experimenting with the gluten-free diet, and a best-selling book called Wheat Belly has helped drive a lot of the interest.

"Wheat is the most destructive thing you could put on your plate, no question," says William Davis, a cardiologist in Milwaukee, Wis., who authored the book.

The worst U.S. drought in decades is showing little signs of easing as farmers close out their corn harvests and pivot toward growing winter wheat that's also now struggling in the dry conditions.  The weekly U.S. Drought Monitor update released today shows that more than roughly 62 percent of the land in the lower 48 states is experiencing some degree of drought.