Liam Niemeyer / Ohio Valley Resource

West Liberty University Professor Zachary Loughman has dedicated his professional life to crustaceans – specifically freshwater crayfish. He dips his hand into one of the water tanks at his laboratory near Wheeling, West Virginia, to pick up a teal crayfish the size of a dollar bill.

Nicole Erwin / Ohio Valley ReSource

A battle over what is considered a protected body of water under the Clean Water Act remains murky following a ruling Thursday by a federal judge. That decision  halted the Trump administration's attempt to repeal what’s known as the Clean Water Rule.

Nicole Erwin, Ohio Valley ReSource

  In the rich land of Christian County, wheat is milled for McDonald’s biscuits, corn is turned into ethanol, and grazing cows support the state’s leading dairy. This is Kentucky’s breadbasket, and a river runs through it: the South Fork of Little River.


  Kentucky’s Agriculture Commissioner is applauding a recent proposal to rescind the 2015 federal Clean Water Rule. Earlier this week EPA head Scott Pruitt  proposed changing the definition of “waters of the United States” or WOTUS.