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The House of Representatives passed an article of impeachment against President Trump on Wednesday, making him the first president in U.S. history to be impeached twice.

America Amplified

On a recent Saturday, over Zoom, a group of seven high schoolers from Wyoming, eastern Kentucky and West Virginia gazed at an image of a gleaming, pale blue, coal-fired power plant. 

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With coronavirus outbreaks picking up speed in dozens of states, the U.S. is now climbing rapidly toward a new peak in cases that may soon rival the summer surge — when the country hit more than 60,000 infections on average a day for weeks in a row.

On Thursday, U.S. cases spiked higher than they had since late July, hitting more than 71,000 in one day. The seven-day daily average is now more than 61,000 cases a day. New cases have gone up by 30% from two weeks ago.

Mary Meehan / Ohio Valley ReSource

In rural parts of the Ohio Valley, qualified therapists are sometimes hours away from people who need help. That’s a problem in cases of sexual assault and domestic abuse, when such services can be a lifeline. Mary Meehan of the Ohio Valley ReSource visited a rural clinic in Wyoming that’s using telemedicine to connect with survivors of sexual assault.