3rd Dist. Ky House Candidate Randy Bridges Focused on Drug Epidemic, Tax Codes and Pension Crisis

Oct 12, 2017

Credit Randy Bridges

  Paducah realtor Randy Bridges has placed a bid for the third district seat in the state House of Representatives.

Bridges, a Republican, said he feels like the timing in Frankfort is right to “be a voice for the community in all that Paducah and McCracken County has to offer.” Bridges said he has several ideas to help Paducah, including tackling the drug epidemic through education and incarceration, fixing Kentucky’s pension crisis to give confidence to state employees and reforming tax codes to promote business growth.

“Our state needs to change from what I call business as usual, which is spend regardless of tax base,” Bridges said. “And I think we need a mandated balanced budget based on our income where we tax then we spend and not vice versa.”

Bridges said he plans to be a voice for the region's assets like logistics to river,

roads, and rails and the skilled labor pool. He also highlighted West Kentucky Community and Technical College and the Paducah Area Chamber of Commerce as top in the nation. Bridges said McCracken County has ‘unlimited potential’ and people need to unite regardless of race, gender and political party to focus on the community.

Democratic Representative Gerald Watkins is not seeking reelection. Bridges will face businesswoman Joni Hogancamp in the GOP primary election next May.