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Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear addressed a right-wing militia group’s hanging of his effigy on Capital grounds. He said in a Tuesday press conference his administration offered a drive-up and drive-through permit for protestors on Sunday. He said at the demonstration, a group called the “three percenters” walked past barriers at the Governor's mansion to stand on the front porch.

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The state agency charged with defending low-income clients in criminal cases is warning against prematurely reopening Kentucky’s court system.

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 Kentucky’s state budget officials told lawmakers Friday that general fund receipts may decline by 495 million dollars next fiscal year. It’s just the latest example of the unprecedented financial hardships ahead for the Ohio Valley’s state and local governments due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

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  Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says he’ll only support sending more federal funds to state and local governments if the money is spent on responding to the coronavirus pandemic.

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Governor Andy Beshear

Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear and Secretary of State Michael Adams are encouraging Kentuckians to vote through non-conventional methods in the June 23 Primary Election.

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  A new study shows the Ohio Valley has some of the nation’s highest rates of food insecurity among older adults, and anti-hunger advocates say that situation could be made worse by the economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic.


Tennessee officials are extending free pandemic child care for essential workers until mid-August, while allowing more categories of workers qualify for the program.


A lawsuit challenging the validity of Illinois’ stay-at-home order to stem the spread of the coronavirus has been transferred from state court to federal court.

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A lawsuit filed by public defenders in Kentucky says people are being left in jail longer than they're supposed to for technical parole violations during the coronavirus pandemic.