AFL-CIO Blasts GOP's "Handshake With Kentucky"

Sep 3, 2014


The President of the Kentucky AFL-CIO is blasting the agenda laid out by the Kentucky GOP House leadership.

Bill Londrigan says “Handshake with Kentucky” plan will only exacerbate the level of income inequality seen in the commonwealth. 

He says ideas like “right to work” legislation won’t create new jobs or lead to increased wages. The union leader says Kentucky Republicans should focus on policies that would have a real impact on the working poor.

“It certainly doesn’t help the main problem that people have nowadays, and that’s not making enough money,” Londrigan said. “It’s not going to do anything to put more money in people’s pockets, it’s just going to help large corporations get tax breaks.”

Londrigan says the AFL-CIO would like to see Kentucky lawmakers pass an increase in the minimum wage, something that failed to advance in the GOP-controlled Senate earlier this year. Londrigan also supports the creation of an Earned Income Tax Credit in the state, a policy designed to subsidize low-income working families. The union leader also called for lawmakers to overhaul Kentucky’s tax code, and remove some of the tax breaks for companies Londrigan says come at the expense of workers.