Calloway Democratic Party Chair David Ramey Files to Run for 5th District House Seat

Jan 4, 2016

Kentucky secretary of state Alison Lundergan Grimes reviews Ramey's filing paperwork
Credit David Ramey for State Representative

Calloway County Democratic Party chair David Ramey has filed to run for Republican state Rep. Kenny Imes’ 5th District seat in the Kentucky House.

The 5th District is made up of Calloway County and a portion of Trigg County.

Ramey runs a local insurance agency and previously held positions with Murray State University. He says western Kentucky was once a Democratic stronghold and he is going to run an aggressive campaign to inspire his party’s voters.

“You know I think one of the concerns through the last few years is, we’ve run defensive campaigns," Ramey said. "I’m not going to run anything defensive. I’m going to stand up for the Democratic party and the ideas of the party.”

“Traditionally we have won elections in western Kentucky and I think it’s the root that we’re going to win again," Ramey said. "And that is standing up for working men and women and supporting things like public education and public transportation.”

Ramey was previously considering a bid for retiring 1st District Congressman Ed Whitfield's seat in Washington.

Imes is seeking a third consecutive term in the House, after serving there for three terms in the 1970s. Candidates from major parties have until January 26 to file for May’s primary.