Clarksville Councilman Files Charges Against Fellow Councilman After Dispute

Jun 11, 2013

Clarksville City councilman David Allen has leveled charges against fellow councilman James Lewis following a heated dispute at a budget meeting last week. The charges include simple assault and a restraining order. 

The two men argued during the meeting and Lewis told Allen he would be waiting for him outside. The meeting ended at 2:30 AM and both councilmen went outside where Lewis allegedly made comments that made Allen feel threatened.

“Well, I walked down the steps and he was standing on the sidewalk," recounted Allen. "And the chief of police and the sergeant at arms for the meeting came down in front of me and they were in between us and he was pushing against them like he was trying to get to me and he told me “Boy, I’ll make you shut your mouth, I’ll make you shut your mouth. They won’t always be here to protect you, I’ll get you.” After he rambled on awhile, I turned, and on the way to my truck, he was hollering “I’m going to get you boy” just screaming like a mad man.”

James Lewis was not available for comment. 

Clarksville Police Sergeant Charles Gill witnessed the exchange and said in the police report Lewis wasn't arrested because there was no immediate threat of physical violence.