Honeywell Officials Say Picketing Union Workers Breaking Conduct Standards

Aug 14, 2014

Credit Honeywell

Honeywell officials say locked out union workers are breaking conduct standards at the picket line in advance of a new round of bargaining starting next week.

Honeywell spokesperson Peter Dalpe says union picketers have blocked the Metropolis plant’s entrance by walking in front of vehicles, left nails at the entrance and used slurs directed at workers going into the plant. But United Steelworkers Local 7-669 spokesperson John Paul Smith says that’s not the case.

“Law enforcement stopped by several times and spoke with us and there’s never been an issue," Smith said. "Other news outlets have been out there on the picket line with us and not reported any issue. So if there is any issue it’s never been. The union would not condone any unprofessional activity.”

Smith says Honeywell informed the union of its concerns the same time it released the information to the media.

Dalpe says the plant’s concern is one foremost of safety and that it recognizes the union’s right to conduct lawful picketing.