Mail Carriers Observing National Dog Bite Prevention Week

Apr 12, 2018

Credit Wikimedia Commons

Lexington mail carriers are recognizing National Dog Bite Prevention week. Area residents are urged to take the necessary steps to properly restrain dogs to reduce the possibility of a dog bite.

It’s been almost five years since Lexington mail carrier Jim Rice got bit by a dog, a bite injury requiring 11 staples in the back of his leg. He said keeping dogs away from a carrier is always the aim.

“We’re dog lovers, but not in the minds of the dog. To dogs, we’re invaders, we’re intruders. A lot of them will let us know they don’t appreciate our coming on their territory,” said Rice.

Animal Care and Control’s Tim Brown said 250 dog bites were reported last year. While a domesticated pet related rabies case hasn’t been seen in Lexington in a decade, Environmental Health Team Leader Luke Mathias said rabies is seen in bats and skunks.

Sometimes, workers responding to dog related concerns become victims. That was the case on September 28, 2017 for Animal Control Officer Aaron Evans.

“It was basically hand to hand combat until you know I basically had to lay on the dog and the owner in the middle of the driveway and with my hands, restrain the dog to the ground until somebody arrived,” said Evans.

Evans said she suffered dog bite injuries to her left leg, both forearms, and a finger. In that situation, she said it was important for her to “push through the fear” to successfully deal with the situation.