Phase Two of WKU Budget Cuts Eliminates 30 More Staff and Faculty Positions

May 3, 2018

Credit WKU

The president of Western Kentucky University unveiled phase two of the school’s budget cuts on Thursday, a result of reductions in state funding to higher education, increased pension obligations, and declining enrollment.

WKU President Timothy Caboni said this second round of reductions is needed to stabilize the upcoming budget and will result in $14 million in savings. He said in addition to some reorganization of administrative positions, there are cuts in faculty and staff.

“The elimination of 10 filled staff positions and 20 vacant positions. Of those 20, 12 are faculty members and 8 are staff members,” said Caboni.

In the first round of cuts, WKU eliminated 119 positions. Of those, 57 were vacant positions and 62 full-time employees. Caboni said the two reductions have reduced university employment by about 10%.

The two phases of budget reductions amount to a total of $27 million. Caboni said no more staff cuts are expected in the upcoming two-year budget.