Two Men Impersonate Clarksville Police, Stop Montgomery Co. Sheriff's Deputies

Feb 22, 2016

Credit Clarksville Police Department / Facebook

The Clarksville Police Department is searching for two men who were impersonating Clarksville Police Officers and pulling over drivers last weekend.

According to a news release, there were three reports Saturday night of two men conducting fake traffic stops. The impersonators told drivers they were pulled over for “speeding a little,” "because their review mirror is broken," or because “the vehicle matches a description.” They asked for drugs, money, or for drivers to move to more secluded areas. 

Two off-duty Montgomery County Sheriff's Office jail deputies were in a personal vehicle in a parking lot when they were approached by the suspects. MCSO spokesperson Sandra Brandon  says enforcement and arrest do not fall under the duties of jail deputies. Jail deputies specialize in corrections. Brandon says the officers responded in the way the were trained, which is to act as good witnesses.

The suspects are two white males, one of whom may have been Hispanic. The men were in their mid-twenties, had military style haircuts, and wore graphic t-shirts and khaki shorts. They drove a white four door car that appeared to be a Pontiac Grand Am or Grand Prix with a flashing red and blue light about the size of a cell phone on the dash. The news release states one of the men presented a badge similar to the MCSO badge, but it was a 5-point star instead of 7-point star. The other had a portable radio similar to those carried by local law enforcement. 

The CPD advises the public that their officers only use blue lights, carry identification, and will not ask drives to move to a more secluded area. Motorists can call 911 to check the legitimacy of a traffic stop.