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Tobacco Tax Topic at Louisville Forum

By Carrie Pond

Louisville, KY – The proposal by Governor Steve Beshear to raise Kentucky's cigarette tax by 70 cents per pack was yesterday's topic at the monthly Louisville forum. Among the panelists was tobacco grower Paul Hornback, who says legislatures across the country seem to always reach for the "low-hanging fruit" when they need money.

"Is it good sound fiscal policy and are we getting conflicting reports on what
we're doing? Is it a health issue, is it a tax revenue issue? I'd like to see those answers, and it does have an impact on those of us on the farm."

Also on the panel was Governor Beshear's Chief of Staff, Adam Edelen (ee-duh-luhn), who says even if the tax hike is approved, it won't be a long term fix to the state's budget problems.