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CORRECTION: Hopkins County Director Asked to Resign

By Chris Taylor

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Madisonville, KY – In a WKMS News story yesterday regarding the Madisonville/Hopkins County Humane Society meeting we reported Magistrate Tim Rigg's did not ask for Humane Society President Judy Lacy to resign. However, today's Madisonville Messenger reported the contrary. Chris Taylor has more on the inconsistency.

Following the meeting, which attracted a large crowd and considerable media coverage, WKMS News contacted Board president Judy Lacy. In her comments, she said she was not asked to resign. However, the Madisonville Messenger reported Magistrate Tim Riggs did ask for her resignation, to which Lacy responded no. Riggs was unavailable for comment. We contacted Lacy again this morning to clear up any inconsistency.

Lacy: Quite frankly, Mr. Riggs called me 45 minutes before the meeting, and told me he would not be asking me for my resignation.
Taylor: Did he not, during the meeting?
Lacy: I think what happened is when people from maybe the crowd asked, he just sort of reiterated that, Are you going to resign, Judy?' and I said no.

The dispute surrounding Lacy stems from high Euthanasia rates at the Humane Society, and Lacy's recent unwillingness to accept inmate labor, a potential new county owned facility and the creation of a website. Yesterday's meeting concluded with Lacy seeming receptive to some of the board's suggestions. The next board meeting is mid-September. For WKMS News, I'm Chris Taylor.