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Kitty Daisy And Lewis: Rockabilly Throwback

The era of swing dancing might be over, but don't tell Kitty Daisy & Lewis. A trio of London-based siblings, it's bringing back the spirit of the '50s in a big way. Through their foot-stomping, pre-Beatles swing, the three young musicians have been lighting up festivals and fans from around the world.

The three siblings — ages 16, 19 and 21 — are each multi-instrumentalists who share singing duties. A KD&L set can include guitar, piano, banjo, lap steel guitar, harmonica, double bass, ukulele, drums, trombone, xylophone and accordion, not to mention an astonishing array of influences, including R&B, jump blues, country, Hawaiian and retro rock. Put all of that together with a remarkable musical childhood — their mother, Ingrid Weiss, was a drummer for The Raincoats, while their father, Graeme Durham, manages a recording studio in London — and you have a strange, enthralling mix of hillbilly, English-tinged rock.

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