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Western Kentucky Cities Support State League

By Angela Hatton

Madisonville, KY – Following revelations of inappropriate spending by executives in the Kentucky League of Cities and the Kentucky Association of Counties, a Louisville Metro councilman is introducing legislation giving the city the option to suspend payments to the organizations until an investigation into their spending practices is complete. But leaders in some of Western Kentucky's largest cities believe that kind of action is too extreme. Madisonville Mayor Will Cox says his city wants to work from the inside to make necessary changes.

"I think it's important for city and city officials to view the league and the league's functions in its totality and not through the baby out with the bathwater."

The KLC provides legal advice, lobbying support, and communication support for its members. Hopkinsville Mayor Dan Kemp and Paducah Mayor Bill Paxton echo Mayor Kemp's statement on the KLC's usefulness. Paxton is slated to take over as league president in 2012.