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Harsh Fall Weather Preparedness

By Rebecca Feldhaus

Murray, KY – After a rash of severe storms last year, preparedness kits grew in popularity in the Purchase Area. Today, the National Weather Service outlined necessary supply items and differentiated certain supplies depending on the most immanent weather threat.

The fall and winter months hold the potential for cold weather tornados, snows storms and ice storms. Weather service officials continue to stress preparedness can make the difference between life and death in a severe weather event.

"To help keep the cost down, we've broken the list down to 3 months. It also helps from keeping the list from being overwhelming. That's some of the complaints we've heard from people. Well if you take your time at it, the costs seem to go down and it isn't as overwhelming and you can store these items."

A list from the National Weather Service on essential food supplies: Food Supply List

See more lists like these and watch an informative video on getting prepared on the National Weather Service web site, here.