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Downtown Hanson Reborn as State's Smallest Historic District

The Apple House Gallery occupies one of the restored buildings in Hanson.

By Angela Hatton

Hanson, KY – The city of Hanson is Kentucky's smallest historic district. It's comprised of a block of shops and restaurants clustered around the town's one stoplight. In the 19th century, tobacco was the town's main source of revenue, and the railroad lines shipped the crop across the country. At its peak, Hanson was the largest city in Hopkins County. Now it's a town of just over 600. Hanson's revitalization is largely the dream of one woman. Teresa Anthony grew up in Hanson. She tells Angela Hatton about the history of her hometown and the work to bring the downtown back to life.

March 26, Hanson celebrates the Annual Village Arts Festival. Artists from all over the state will be in town to sell and demonstrate artwork. For more, visit