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Ad For Nice Living: Discover The Joy Of Yummy Words


We asked you to tell us the simple things that make life enjoyable.


And we asked you to write about them in the form of a radio ad.

CORNISH: More than 2000 of you did. Now we get to share.

SHAPIRO: It's another Commercial for Nicer Living.


UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN: For a better life, try saying some yummy words. If you're feeling blue, try the fun and fizzy ones - schnitzel, papyrus, echinacea, va-va-voom (ph). If winter makes you crave a little warmth, roll the kitchen words around - cardamom, ginger, pepperpot, spice. The dangerously alluring words are always fun, as sensual in your mouth as chocolate truffles - kumquat, shimmer, redolent, dusk. And don't forget the penny words, small and common - thanks, coffee, hello, love. Yummy words - which one will you choose today?

SHAPIRO: Redolent pepperpot - did I do that right?

CORNISH: I'll take thanks, and I'll pass it on to listener Maggie Monaghan of University Place, Wash., for writing that radio ad.

SHAPIRO: It was one of the many, many suggestions you sent in for our Commercials for Nicer Living project. We'll hear another one tomorrow.

CORNISH: In the meantime, you can check out our favorites in one place,

(SOUNDBITE OF RUBBLEBUCKET SONG, "MY LIFE") Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.