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Pizza, From One Newspaper To Another


The staff of the Manchester Evening News has been working overtime and more to bring their city news of this week's bombing that killed 22 people. That story touched a chord with many at The Boston Globe. Four years ago, they had to report on bombings at the Boston Marathon. Each paper had to cover lockdown, searches and terrorist investigations. Each has had to write obituaries for those who were killed and stories of bravery and survival.

This week the staff at The Globe sent lunch to the staff of the Manchester Evening News - lots of pizzas. The staffs exchange messages of thanks and support on Twitter and Facebook. Jessica Wilby of Manchester wrote, why am I welling up over pizza? Really touching to see fellow journos (ph) looking after each other like that. Rob Irvine, editor of the Manchester Evening News, wrote, we have been honored to write the stories of all the good in this city, and we have been humbled by the dignity of those who have shared with us and our readers the stories of those they have loved and lost. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.