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2023 KBA Impact Awards - Continuing Coverage Entry

An electronic sign outside Marion Baptist Church says “Pray For Rain.”
Liam Niemeyer
Signs from churches and businesses around Marion ask the community to pray for rain or to conserve water.

This is a compilation of work by WKMS putting together its coverage of the Marion water crisis, during which the Crittenden County community struggled to shore up its water supply after a sinkhole was discovered in the levee of its primary water source.

WKMS News Director Derek Operle reported the story as Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear declared a state of emergency for the community, following that up with spot and feature reporting on the impacts the crisis was having on the community and the ways officials were working to solve the problem.

WKMS Assistant News Director Liam Niemeyer went to the community to interview and document the ways the crisis was effecting residents on an individual level, covering decisions by local officials as they happened.

The included audio are selections of coverage from June and July by WKMS News Director Derek Operle, Assistant News Director Liam Niemeyer and WKMS Student Reporter Zacharie Lamb.

2023 Edward R. Murrow Awards - Continuing Coverage Entry

Web Stories:

Derek Operle
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Zacharie Lamb
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Liam Niemeyer
Praying for rain: Marion residents show resilience, voice frustration amid water shortage
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How Marion lost a lake: Inside the tense arguments that led to draining the town’s water supply
Marion planning to test abandoned mine as a potential water supply
Rainfall adds to Marion water supply as local officials weigh potential water options
Marion is considering a new water line to boost its supply. A nearby town wants to take advantage.
Marion working to resolve discolored water issues caused by excess mineral
Marion council voices support for rebuilding lake dam as water shortage solution