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Madisonville GE Plant Receives Government Contracts

Wikimedia Commons

A pair of recently awarded government contracts should keep Madisonville's General Electric plant running for many more years. 

The  GE Aviation plant received a pair of contracts totaling more than $400 million dollars to build engine parts for Navy and Army aircraft currently in service. While the contract was awarded for the next three years, GE Aviation Media Relations Manager Rick Kennedy says it helps to  ensure longevity for the plant:

"Once an engine goes into service, it’s out there for a long time. They stay in service 30 plus years. So that when you build the inventory of these helicopters and fighter jets you’re also getting the opportunity for spare parts in the engines, which are also built in Madisonville."

The plant builds turbine blades for the F-414 engine used in the F-18 Super-hornet and the T-700 engine used in Apache and Blackhawk Helicopters. 

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