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Paducah Board Commissioners Introduce Food Truck Ordinance


The Paducah Board Commissioners introduced an ordinance establishing guidelines for food trucks Tuesday night at a City Commission meeting.

The ordinance, presented in a proposal last month, will allow food trucks to operate in commercial zones and along City of Paducah easements, or pathways. With written permission, trucks can operate on private property in those zones.But trucks can not be within 100 feet of the main entrance of a restaurant and stay in one location for more than 14 days.


Food trucks will be able to operate from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. under the ordinance. If the truck is located on a private property, hours can extend to 2 a.m. if the principal business on that property is open.


Food truck vendors will not be able to leave trucks in public parking lots or City of Paducah rights-of-way overnight. Bells, music, horns and other sounds will not be allowed on trucks to attract customers. Food truck noise levels must comply with the City’s noise ordinances and generators will not be permitted on Broadway, 2nd Street, or within 100 feet of a residence.


Prospective food trucks vendors would need to complete an application through the Planning Department.

The ordinance will be voted on May 9.

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