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KCTCS 'BuildSmart' Bonds Bankrolled By Student Tuition


Kentucky's community colleges will use new tuition fees to pay for improvements to campuses across the commonwealth.

The sixteen colleges of the Kentucky Community and Technical College System will take on about $200 million in bonds.

System President Michael McCall says three-fourths of those bonds will be paid for by a $4 per credit hour charge that will be phased in this fall, and will increase to $8 per credit hour in the future.

“The proposed agency fund will come from a capital fee that will be assessed to students, students who will be coming in," he said. "We plan to really phase this in. The total amount that will be required for this would be eight dollars per credit hour per student.”

McCall acknowledges that KCTCS will also be raising tuition this fall, but could not say by how much.

“We would propose maybe half this year and half the following year," he said. "Yeah, we would go ahead and we would start that process this fall.”

Lawmakers must approve of the plan before it can be enacted.  About 92,000 students are enrolled in the system's colleges.

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