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Good News for Kentucky College Grads


Earnings outlook for college students who earn a degree in Kentucky are positive, according to the Kentucky Center for Education and Workforce Statistics. Executive Director Charles McGrew who authored the 2014 Kentucky Postsecondary Feedback report, says the statistics include all students in the state of Kentucky who went on to post-secondary education. 

"We track students of different types; people who graduated several years back even. We identify how many of those people we can find working in Kentucky as well as the number of students who are going on to graduate school to pursue further education.  And we've also looked at the students who have left college without transferring or earning a credential and what happens to them."

McGrew says now more than ever it's important for students to earn a degree.

"We've studied people who went to high school and didn't go to college; earnings were not particularly positive.  In general after three years, most students were still making less than minimum wage full time.  The good news is that going to college, whether it's a two year or four year or even a graduate degree certainly pays much more than not going to college."

The report says students who graduated with an associates or bachelor's degree earned over 35 thousand dollars a year. According to the study, which looked at eight universities in Kentucky including Murray State, of those who graduated in 2012, 85% were gainfully employed in Kentucky.?


  The KCEWS gathered information from multiple sources including the Kentucky Department of Education, the Council on Postsecondary Education and the Kentucky Education and Workforce Development Cabinet.

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