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Southern Illinois University Trustees to Consider Placing President Dunn on Leave This Week


The Southern Illinois University Board of Trustees will hold a special meeting later this week to talk about placing System President Randy Dunn on leave and appointing an acting president. 

The meeting is scheduled for 10 a.m. Thursday at Evergreen Hall on the SIU-Edwardsville campus. Trustees Secretary Joel Sambursky and Vice Chair Phil Gilbert called for a special meeting of the executive committee earlier this month.

Board Chair Amy Sholar questioned the legality of the committee's potential action. Citing the group's bylaws, Sholar said only the full board can take action to remove or suspend Dunn's employment.

Sambursky cancelled the executive committee meeting for this week's special full board meeting.

Sambursky said there is new information that he says supports his call for an outside investigation of President Dunn and a need for him to go on leave.

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