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[Audio, Slideshow] Puppies Sound Good: Meet Katy

Today we meet Katy, a 12-week old boxer/hound mix available for adoption at the Humane Society of Calloway County. She is an energetic young puppy who loved to play and greet everyone at the station. She also walks very well on a leash considering how young she is. She has a tan coat with white features on her face, feet and tip of her tail. She's being fostered with big dogs and has met dogs and kids in the office. On Sounds Good, Todd Hatton speaks with Kathy Hodge about Katy and how you can get your pet photo in their 2016 calendar.

Katy was very playful and was enjoying a bout of tug-of-war with her whale toy during the interview. She sits for treats, inquisitive and seems easy to train. She has a nice range between being energetic and being still, Kathy Hodge says. She's still in that "mouthy" puppy mode and needs to investigate everything with her teeth, but she's easily distracted by toys.

The Humane Society of Calloway County is seeking photos submissions for their 2016 pet calendar.

Adoption information at Humane Society of Calloway County website

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