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Corvette Museum Opening Cave-In Exhibit to Mark Second Anniversary of Sinkhole

National Corvette Museum

The National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green is marking the second anniversary of a sinkhole collapse with a new multimedia exhibit. 

The “Corvette Cave-In” installation opens two years to the day that a sinkhole opened up beneath the museum and swallowed eight vintage cars. 

Corvette Museum Education Coordinator Kellie Steen says one part of the exhibit gives visitors a chance to experience the region’s karst geography, where limestone creates underground streams, caverns and sinkholes.

“It’s where you go into a mini cave, and it feels like you’re standing in our cave and then there’s a virtual simulation of a collapse. There’s rocks falling down, virtual rocks, falling down the walls, and lots of noise, and you hear the dripping of the cave at the beginning," Steen says.

The exhibit examines the science that caused the sinkhole and the engineering used for the recovery of the classic Corvettes. It is designed to provide lessons geared to third and fourth grade curriculum in Kentucky schools.

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