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[Audio, Slideshow] Puppies Sound Good: Meet Rhett Butler!

Today we met Rhett Butler, a loveable large puppy. He weighs 50 pounds, is six months old and "as solid as can be," says Kathy Hodge of the Humane Society of Calloway County. His breed started a discussion involving Staffordshire terrier to a border collie lab mix. He's mostly black with a white stripe on his face and white paws. His foster parent says he tends to be very quiet. 

Following this week's severe weather, Hodge urges pet owners to get their pet micro chipped so they can be identified in case they get lost. She also recommends vaccinating your dog for heartworm. She says in the past two weeks she tested six dogs and four of them were heartworm positive. Untreated, heartworm will kill your pet, she says. They are generally carried by mosquitoes.

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