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Portion of Pisgah Bay, Kentucky Lake Will Close for USGS Research

Donyelle Davis

  The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources and U.S. Geological Survey will block off a large portion of Pisgah Bay and Kentucky Lake for asian carp research from Jan. 11-27. Birmingham Ferry Boat Ramp will also be closed. 

Duane Chapman, a research fish biologist with USGS, said the goal is to research first, not remove. 

“It’s a research project, it’s not an effort to remove tons and tons of fish, although we may in fact do that as a part of the process,” he said.

Chapman said silver carp have had a “terrible” effect on native fisheries, due in part to their abundance. He also noted the negative economic impactthe carp have caused in the region. 

The USGS-led project will use block nets to catch tagged silver carp and further improve methods to mass remove the invasive fish. Scientists will capture, tag, and track carp using herding methods to determine their response and movements. 

Officials report block nets will be distinctly marked with large buoys and flashing lights during nighttime and low-visibility conditions, but there will also be less-visible netting laid within the blocked area to gather carp for removal. 

These areas will be blocked to boat access, but officials ask boaters to exercise caution while in nearby portions of Kentucky Lake as the netting could become entangled in propellers, causing potential damage to both the net and boat motor.


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