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Marshall County Alcohol Vote Groups Put Thousands Into Campaigns

Alcohol signs in Murray.

Big bucks have been spent on both sides of a wet/dry election in Marshall County. Residents vote next Tuesday on whether to allow packaged alcohol sales. Last week, pro-alcohol group Marshall First reported it had raised nearly $23,000. Spokesman Sissy Wommack says the money has been completely spent on “vote yes” advertising.  She said there won’t be any more ads this week. 

“We’re not because we feel at this points that people’s made up their minds what they’re going to do. What we want is just people to get out and vote," Wommack said.

Anti-alcohol group Say “No” Now has raised over $46,000. At the beginning of the month, close to half remained in the group’s coffers. But Chairman Paul Schaper said the funds have been put into a last minute ad blitz.

“As far as we’re concerned, we intend to try to get our message out there. They see this as totally an economic issue, and we see it as a moral issue, basically, a moral and lifestyle issue," he said.

A packaged alcohol vote is also set for next Tuesday in Murray.

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