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Marshall County Moves to Use $2.2m to Fix New Health Department

Wikimedia Commons

The Marshall County Board of Health voted unanimously Friday to allocate $2.2 million from the county’s reserve to bring the new Health Department building up to code.

The $4.1 million building does not meet Kentucky safety requirements. The Board had considered borrowing the money, but decided to use some of the county’s reserve instead. Marshall County Judge Executive Mike Miller said this will bring the reserve down below the level he’d like to see it, but it will be replenished in a year’s time.

“The contractor will have 12 months to complete this work," Miller said. "We hope it’ll be completed in 8 to 9 months. By that time, our next year’s taxes bills will have gone out, money start coming in, we start building the reserve back up.”

Miller said the county likes to have at least 30 percent of its operating budget in reserve. He said there will be no break in county services as a result of the hit to the reserve.

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