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Meade County Democrat Eyes Seat Held by U.S. Rep. Brett Guthrie of Bowling Green


A Meade County Democrat with nearly 30 years of military experience is entering Kentucky's Second District Congressional campaign.

Retired U.S. Army Major Ron Leach wants to win the seat currently held by Bowling Green Republican Brett Guthrie. Leach told WKU Public Radio he believes the majority of Kentuckians are "being left behind" by a Congress more interested in partisanship than solving problems.

He was asked how he would describe the kind of campaign he hopes to run.

"It's not left, it's not right. You know, the idea that we need leaders and not looters, that we need a Kentucky and an America that works, and works for all of us. That we need a functioning government that represents all Kentuckians---that's not left or right, and that's not partisan," said Leach, who also served eight years in the National Guard.

Leach says he is not launching his campaign as a personal attack on Congressman Guthrie. But Leach added that he thinks the incumbent has voted a straight-Republican party line since being sent to Washington in 2009.

Guthrie, a Bowling Green businessman, is seeking his fourth term in the U.S. House next year.

Leach says he's greatly troubled by the growing pressures placed upon the nation's middle class.

"And the percent of the burden that they are carrying in this country continues to go up, while we seem to give a pass to corporate American who is contributing the lowest percent of this country's revenue in 60 years."

Kentucky's Second District U.S. House seat has been occupied by two conservative Republicans--Ron Lewis and Congressman Guthrie--since 1994. Before that, Warren County Democrat William Natcher held the seat for 41 years.

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