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Princeton Mayor Discusses Alcohol Tax Revenue

Princeton officials say much of the city’s alcohol tax revenue is going toward administrative costs that have come from what they call the state’s complicated revenue laws.

Mayor Gale Cherry says since the city legalized alcohol sales last November, the city's eighteen licensed sellers have sold about one-point-three million dollars worth of alcohol. 

The sales account for more than sixty-five thousand dollars in city tax revenue that has gone toward a new police car, a new alcoholic beverage control officer as well as state compliance work.

Cherry says the city is obligated by law to only spend alcohol revenue on law enforcement and education.  Cherry says she's is struggling to grasp the scope of the complex alcohol laws.

"There’s so many different ways that they can be interpreted because they’ve been put together hodge-podge fashion a little at a time," she said.

Cherry says city officials will attend an A-B-C conference in Louisville in mid-August to better understand enforcing state alcohol laws.

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