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4,800 Candidates Seeking KY Elected Posts in 2014

It’s about 4 p.m. outside of the Kentucky Secretary of State’s Office. Here, last-minute would-be senators, representatives, and judges are bottlenecking the doorway, spilling out into the hall and waiting to get their paperwork filled by a harried bevy of clerks. 

The Kentucky Secretary of State’s Office reports about 4,800 candidates are in the running for more than 300 races across the state as the deadline for candidates to file expired Tuesday. 

Democrat John Warren is one of several candidates who filed yesterday. He’s running against incumbent Suzanne Miles in the 7th House District. Miles recently won a special election after former Representative John Arnold resigned amid allegations he had sexually harassed female statehouse staffers. Warren who works in Agriculture says he thinks the scandal shouldn't hurt his chances.

“That has nothing to do with me, and really nothing to do with the Democratic Party," said Warren. "That’s a personal issue he had, and you know, I wish John all the best. I guess sometimes people make decisions, hopefully for the right reason, some for the wrong. But anyway, I have nothing against John, and that’s totally none of my business.

"I can do a lot for our, for my district there, and so that's why we're excited about taking this on, knowing we can keep a Democrat in that seat," said Warren. 

Secretary of State must certify candidates’ names to county clerks by February 10th.

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