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Ten Percent Turnout Predicted for Kentucky's Primary Election

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One in ten registered voters is expected to cast ballots Tuesday in Kentucky’s primary election.  

Voters on May 19th will choose their nominees for governor and other constitutional officers.  

Based on previous elections and the 5,100 absentee ballots cast, Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes predicts 10% of registered voters will go to the polls.  

Grimes expects turnout to be lower than it was in 2003, the last time Kentucky had an open governor’s seat.

"Back in 2003, for instance, turnout was around 17 percent," said Grimes. "Here there's not as much a contested race on the democratic side as there was back in 2003." 

But she hopes her prediction is wrong.

“We have a record number of registered voters here in the state, there are 3.2 million, and there are no non-partisan races on the ballot this primary election cycle," said Grimes.  "So we want to encourage everyone to get out there and vote.” 

53% of voters are democrat, 39% republican and about 8% other.

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